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P.O. Box 512
Jamestown, NC 27282
(336) 454-3819


Built in the center of Old Jamestown, near the intersection of what were then known as Federal and Union Streets, Richard Mendenhall’s house served as a gathering place for residents and a stopover for travelers. This home exemplifies the community of Quaker tradespeople and farmers who actively opposed slavery, promoted education for all, and labored to create a life of peace and simplicity during troubled times.

The complex, with its 1811 house and fine old bank barn, cluster of outbuildings, and a tanning table where Richard Mendenhall carried on his tanner's trade, is on the National Register of Historic Places. The barn houses a restored false-bottomed wagon used to transport slaves during the underground railroad movement.

Tues-Fri:  11am-3pm
Sat:  1pm-4pm
Sun:  2pm-4pm
Mon:  Closed

Be sure to see:

* The False-Bottomed Wagon
* The Pennsylvania "Bank Barn"
* The Ragsdale Arrowhead Collection
* The Lindsay House
* The Medicinal Herb Garden
* The Schoolhouse
*Deep River Nature Walk