JBA Mission Statement & By-Laws

Our Mission:
The mission of JBA is to improve and promote the business community of Jamestown through the active participation with its members.

How we accomplish our mission:

Hosting Christmas on Main.

Educating our members through programs that promote and assist our businesses by hosting speakers that are of interest to our membership.

Promoting fellowship through our meetings and events.

Qualifications for Membership:

All persons or organizations wishing to promote the quality of life and business in the Greater Jamestown business area are encouraged to join.

Membership dues:

Membership in JBA is $125 for businesses and $50 for non-profits, per calendar year. Members joining after July 1st may pay $50 for the rest of the year. Members who have more than one business will pay $75 per business after the original fee of $125.

How we are organized:

The JBA elects its officers on a yearly basis. Officers will be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The terms of office will run from January 1 through December 31st. A member may hold an office for a 1-year term and if re-elected serve one additional term. There is a two year limit for all officer positions. A member may be elected as an officer again after being out of office one year.

The Planning Committee:

The officers and 4 members elected by the membership will form the Planning Committee. The Planning Committee is enabled by the membership to make policy and fiscal decisions for the membership at large. The Mayor or Mayor Pro Temp of Jamestown is an ex-officio member of the Planning Committee.

Other Committees:

Community Grants